Plans for new landscaping and parking

The emerging proposals currently include plans to retaina proportion of public parking and access to Maitland Yard. New trees and public realm improvements are also included in these proposals. 

The current landscape proposals for Dean Gardens build on the theme of green tissue, linking and embedding the proposed buildings through community gardens and planting. 


Whilst the current emerging proposals include plans for new homes that will be car-free, with the exception of two wheelchair accessible spaces, we are proposing to re-provide a proportion of the public parking spaces that are currently on site. In the current proposals, the existing area to Maitland Yard will be reconfigured, however the main servicing strategies will remain in place. In total the current proposal is for 17 parking spaces in Maitland Yard and 21 spaces to Dean Gardens. A car club is also expected to be proposed for the site.

The emerging proposals also include plans for 74 cycle spaces between the 3 blocks for new residents.  

We would like your views on what you would like to see in this space - give us your views about the proposals.