The emerging proposals

The emerging proposals include 53 new dwellings and an 80sqm commercial unit across three buildings of differing heights.

Building A is positioned to the south-west of the site and sits adjacent to the Salvation Army Hall building. This L shaped building of four storeys will help to provide a termination to the development and sits in line with the pedestrian passage that leads from Uxbridge Road to Leeland Terrace. By placing Building A in this location, a new access point is created providing vehicle and service access to the existing and remodelled Maitland Yard car park to the north, and the newly proposed Dean Gardens car park to the east of this entrance.

To the east of the proposed Dean Gardens car park is Building B. This six-storey building is stepped to follow the curve of the road and is stepped to ensure existing flats of Pioneer Court have retained aspect south.

The final building, C, is located to the corner of Uxbridge Road and Leeland Terrace. This eight storey building wraps around the existing substation and provides an 80sqm commercial unit at ground floor. This building benefits from views over the park looking east.

View of the emerging proposal

Developing the design

As part of the on-going consultation process the proposals are still evolving. The animation below highlights the stages that the design has gone through to date. The numbers in the top right correspond to the design moves.

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